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Subaru 1000 – Characteristics as an FWD Car

Friday, 31 Aug 2012

Center pivot steering system

 The Subaru 1000 adopts the center pivot steering system whereby the brake drums are separated from wheels and the kingpin axis line is aligned with the tire centerline.
 When the brakes are located inside the wheels as in commonly adopted steering systems, it is difficult to insert the kingpin into the wheel and it is impossible to align the tire centerline with the kingpin axis line.

[Features of the center pivot steering system]
- Tire friction with the ground surface is minimized and steering effort during low speed driving is lightened. 
- Weight under the spring is mitigated, ground contact of the tire is improved and better performance is realized in terms of ride quality and running stability because road impacts are not so quickly transmitted to the handle.
- Since a larger steering angle can be secured even in the same size tire house, it is possible to reduce the turning radius.

(Note) Because an aluminum alloy front brake drum equipped with numerous fins is adopted, this provides excellent cooling effect

(Source: Extracted from the Subaru 1000 Sales Sheet 1966-1)