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Distinct Engineering Mounted into the Subaru 1000

Friday, 24 Aug 2012


The Subaru 1000 uses highly effective duo servo brakes on the front and stable leading-trailing brakes on the rear. Since the braking balance of the front and rear brakes is appropriately set, braking is certain and safe. Moreover, both the front and rear brakes are the automatic adjusting type.

Parking brake is a hand operated brake acting on front wheels.

[Inboard brakes]

Revolutionary inboard type brakes are adopted as the front brakes in the Subaru 1000. The so-called center pivot steering system is adopted whereby the brake drums are separated from wheels and the kingpin axis line is aligned with the tire centerline. 

Inboard brakes have the following features:

1. Through adopting the center pivot steering system, tire resistance on the ground surface is minimized and steering reaction is mitigated.
2. At the same time, a large steering angle of the handle can be secured.
3. Weight under the spring is mitigated, ground contact of the tire is improved and better performance is realized in terms of acceleration, ride quality and driving stability.
4. Because the brakes are separated from the wheels, it is difficult for mud and water to infiltrate.

Also, because an aluminum alloy front brake drum equipped with numerous fins is adopted, this provides excellent cooling effect.

(Source: “Subaru” magazine – Subaru 1000 extra edition (issued May 20, 1966))