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Distinct Engineering Mounted into the Subaru 1000

Friday, 17 Aug 2012

Dual Radiator

The Subaru 1000 became the first domestic car to adopt a unique dual radiator cooling device in its engine.
Unlike generally adopted cooling systems, the dual radiator has no cooling fan in the main radiator, but its mechanism is composed of the main radiator, sub-radiator, reserve tank and small motor fan for the sub-radiator. 

[Operation of the dual radiator]

  1. During startup, only the sub-radiator is activated. 
  2. During medium and high speed driving, cooling is conducted by the sub-radiator and main radiator.
  3. At times of high load such a when climbing hills or crawling, the electric fan operates to cool the sub-radiator. (See the figure). 

Operation is automatically conducted based on fluctuations in temperature.

The dual radiator has the following characteristics. 

  1. The cooling fan causes little power loss in the engine and enables good high-speed performance and fuel economy.
  2. The engine is especially durable when climbing hills and crawling and there is no danger of overheating.
  3. Users are liberated from fan noise.
  4. There is no need to replenish or replace radiator coolant for a long time (every two years). Antifreeze solution that contains anti-rust solution is used as the radiator coolant.
  5. In winter, the sub-radiator is used to provide the heating performance of the 2,000 cc class engine.

(Source: “Subaru” magazine – Subaru 1000 extra edition (issued May 20, 1966))