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Distinct Engineering Mounted into the Subaru 1000

Friday, 10 Aug 2012


The Subaru 1000 is equipped with a horizontally opposed four-cylinder water-cooled four-cycle engine possessing total displacement of 977 cc. In terms of performance, the engine has a compression ratio of 9.0 and maximum output of 55 ps/6000 rpm. The maximum torque is 7.8 kg/3200 rpm.

The Subaru 1000 engine has the following characteristics: 

  1. It is a horizontally opposed engine and, because it is made from aluminum alloy, it is light and compact and has good cooling performance. 
  2. Through designing a combustion chamber with high compression ratio and mechanical octane value, the engine has high output and high performance.
  3. The engine is designed to provide excellent durability.
  4. Fuel economy is good thanks to the high compression ratio and so on.
  5. Since the engine is horizontally opposed, it has good balance. Because it has no cooling fans and so on, it generates little vibration and noise and is quiet. 
  6. Since the engine is made of aluminum and has a new type combustion chamber with high mechanical octane value, it can use regular gasoline. 

(Source: “Subaru” magazine – Subaru 1000 extra edition (issued May 20, 1966))